The Manuscript Doctors Are In

While editing is not part of the services that ALWAYS A SPARK LLC provides, there are some people that we trust with this important task. If you find yourself in need of an editor, we know some people who may be able to help.

Vanessa Young

Vanessa holds a Creative Writing Major set to graduate in May 2016. While she feels most at home writing, she also edits fellow authors' works on the side. Her services are as follows:


$15 per poem (for poems 1-2 pages long)

All other poems are assessed on a $10 per page rate.


$2.25 per page*

For a polished manuscript in need of a final read to check for typos . This works best for already edited/proofread manuscripts in their final draft.

Just the Basics

$3.25 per page*

At its core, extensive typo and spelling checks along with minor grammatical correction. Best for a manuscript with afew drafts under its belt and some external review prior to submission.


$4.25 per page*

A line-by-line, comprehensive edit including assessment of the overall structure of the manuscript. This also includes review of plot and narration.

The DEEP Cleanse

$12.00 per page*

This is for those works that need a more extensive rewrite or even a complete overhaul. This service will likely come at the recommendation of the editor or publisher.

Full Length Novel

Email Author for a Quote

Full length novel prices are on a case by case basis and are typically priced per word. For a quote on a full length novel, please email Vanessa directly.

*Page = 250 words

To submit works for editing or to contact Vanessa Medlock with questions, please email at All Submissions must be double-Spaced with Times New Roman Font and at a size of 12.