Current Projects

These are expansive stories designed to cover multiple platforms of storytelling ranging from short stories to full length novels and may include more than one series to explore a larger storytelling universe. 


The Celestial Saga

A Multi-series project featuring short stories, novels, and imagery. The Celestial Saga follows the adventures of immortal Heroes called Celestials and their battles against the destructive Fallen. The main series follows Nolan and Shadow while the series "Into the Shadows" will focus on Shadow's story leading up to the events of the first book in the main series "By Light of Phoenix." LEARN MORE>>



This series follows the multiple life relationship of Elizabeth and Garrick as they search for each other across time and space. Combining elements from multiple genres, this story explores concepts of love and relationship, even beyond death. LEARN MORE>>

Ongoing Projects

We never stop working on these, the backbone of our operation in order to ensure we meet our mission. 

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SILVA Creative Magazine

Bringing together multiple talents, this project brings together authors and artists together to create a collection of various creative works. As of right now, this project is set to be an ongoing Annual Release in Ebook formats only. LEARN MORE>>