Many Stories, One Saga

The Celestial saga is composed of interwoven stories that make up three different series'. The Main Series is comprised of 9 books following the adventures of Nolan Trent as he discovers the Celestials and their war with the fallen. A second series titled "Into the Shadows" follows the adventures of Shadow leading up to the events of the first Main Series story, "By Light of Phoenix." Finally, the Celestial Saga "Missions" is a series of short stories about various Celestials either fighting the Fallen or helping someone in need. 

Meet the Characters

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Nolan Trent

An orphan, Nolan is pulled into the war between Celestials and Fallen by his protector, Shadow.

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Chelsea Harding AKA Nightrider

Human with shadow manipulation abilities granted to her by a charm given to her by Shadow. 

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Shadow AKA Solose Jones

Otherwise reclusive, Shadow is Nolan's sworn protector. He uses both shadow and light manipulation to that end. 

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Siva AKA Dr. Samantha Jones

Celestial team leader the with ability to shape shift into a wolf.

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Rose AKA Faith Jones

A newer Celestial, Rose dawns healing and telepathic abilities. Since she is a young Celestial, Siva acts as her mentor. 

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Sage AKA Zachary Jones

A hothead with trust issues. Coupling his warrior background with his fire creation abilities, he channels his ability into fiery arrows. 

Stories in this series

Main Series

By Light of Phoenix

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Omen of a Prophet

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Coming 2019

Fall of the Forsaken

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Coming 2021


Into the Shadows

Into the Shaodws

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